Valet Gourmet FounderFounder: Kenan Hopkins
Site: Valet Gourmet
Lowdown: Food delivery service operating across NC and eastern TN
Awesomeness: The lowest turnover rate of drivers among any comparable service nationwide

Since its humble beginnings in Asheville, NC, in 2003, Valet Gourmet has quadrupled its revenues over the past several years and recently merged to expand its operations into seven major markets, from The Triangle to Knoxville, TN. Locally, Valet Gourmet delivers hot fresh meals to your home or office from more than 100 Asheville area restaurants via a fleet of 60-plus delivery drivers. Since it started focusing strictly on company culture and its hiring process in 2010, Valet Gourmet has grown rapidly while maintaining a world-class workplace and the best customer service imaginable. Every day its employees stick to the company’s six core values, which include: Exceed expectations through service, operate proactively and with a sense of urgency, there’s no cheap excuses, and pick the healthiest solution.

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