A daylong intensive workshop providing entrepreneurs and business professionals with the basic “practical” tools for B2B sales success

Friday, February 3rd at The Collider
Kent Summers teaches the B2B Startup Sales Bootcamp at Harvard Business School, the Wharton School of Business, and the MIT Sloan School of Management. The one-day workshop is grounded in his professional expertise, having founded and sold three software companies in the Boston area. Since 2002, Kent has served as a trusted mentor to dozens of MIT start-ups.

This One-Day Bootcamp Will Teach You How To:

• Profile Customers                            • Overcome Objections                                • Find Decision Makers
• Qualify a Prospect                           • Build an ROI Proposition                            • Negotiate and Close Deals
• Work a Sales Pipeline

Landing initial paying customers is critical and very challenging for most startups. Startups frequently fail in their initial sales attempts (for many reasons), exhausting precious startup time and capital and losing critical customer opportunities.

The Sales Bootcamp provides entrepreneurs and sales professionals with “practical” real-world tools (not theories) for sales success to turn challenges into opportunities.

Workshop Formatquote

In two 3-hour sessions, Kent Summers covers the B2B sales process, end-to-end.  The morning session covers basic sales concepts and the “tools and mechanics” required for sales focus and efficiency.  The afternoon session covers more subtle aspects of successful selling – buyer behavior (the “art” of sales) ¾ emphasizing how to navigate an organization, overcome status quo bias, build buyer team consensus, and negotiate and close deals.

The workshop combines lecture and interactive exercises supported by anecdotal evidence from 25+ years of real-world sales situations.  Attendees also trouble-shoot “failed sales” case studies and recommend corrective sales action or behavior based upon the lessons learned during the workshop.

Who Should Attend

High-tech and low-tech startups, for-profit and non-profit ventures, small to medium size businesses seeking to improve their sales process, and students entering a new profession that demands effective selling skills are encouraged to attend. Attendees will gain the knowledge and confidence to support better sales decisions.

Friday, February 3rd 
8:30a – 4p 
The Collider
$100 to attend (breakfast and lunch included)

The Bootcamp is sold out. To join the waitlist, email Claire Chender at claire@ventureasheville.com.

Sponsored by Venture Asheville and RISC Networks