Founder: Bruce Dannenberg
Site: Phytonix
The Lowdown: Biofuels and industrial chemicals from cyanobacteria
Awesomeness: Patented, super-efficient process utilizes photosynthesis

Collaborating with brilliant scientists around the world, Phytonix is developing a sustainable fuel for the future. Through photosynthesis, Phytonix uses water and sunlight to convert carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas, into liquid fuel that’s much cheaper, safer and more sustainable than gasoline. These fuels, such as n-butanol, can be produced up to three times cheaper than current methods. They can replace gasoline and industrial chemicals for many uses, including jet fuels, cars and other gas-powered engines with little to no engine modifications, as well as bio-based plastics and synthetic rubber. Phytonix is targeting two markets: a $10 billion global industrial chemical market, and ultimately the $140 billion fuel additive and $900 billion and growing global motor gas market.

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