CaptureCo-Founders: Kendall Weaver & Shane Remington
Site: Peppermint
Lowdown: Linux operating system adopted by customers worldwide
Awesomeness: Seamlessly integrates the cloud into desktop apps

Peppermint OS was designed for the purpose of creating a cloud-integrated operating system that combines the power of Linux with a user friendly layout. Debunking the myth that one must be a super-geek to be proficient with Linux, Peppermint offers new users a fast, intuitive and web-centric operating system. Well ahead of the computing curve, it streamlines interaction with cloud-based apps by pulling your online data into Linux desktop applications without any hassle of Internet browsers. Not sure you’re ready to invest in their uber version of Linux? It won’t cost you anything—download Peppermint for free on their website!


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