Outrider-USA-FoundersCo-Founders: Daniel Rhyne, Tom Ausherman & Jesse Lee
Site: Outrider USA
The Lowdown: Advanced electric-powered trikes for commuting or shredding
Awesomeness: Kickstarter campaign created world’s first electric trike for quadriplegics

Outrider’s ultralight adventure vehicles are setting records for speed, distance and competitive races across the U.S. With three riding modes—pedal-powered, electric-assisted and electric only—Outrider’s high-performance recumbent tricycles are pushing the limits of athletes and cycling technology. The Horizon Trike is all terrain and even adaptable for physically disabled riders. Each one is hand-assembled at the company’s shop in Fletcher.

Asheville Citizen Times: Electric trike maker puts disabled riders back on road
MNN: World’s first electric trike for quadriplegics is making dreams a reality
ElectricBikeReport: 85.9 MPH on an Outrider USA Electric Trike, World Record!