A hearty Mazel Tov to the organizers and participants who made Hatch This this an extraordinary weekend-long startup event. Nine startup teams formed Friday evening, worked all-day Saturday and Sunday, and came ready to pitch their newly hatched ventures to a panel of judges late Sunday afternoon in front of a standing-room-only crowd downtown at the Asheville Social Hall.

“It was awesome,” said one participant. “Dude, I’m like so totally amped right now about Asheville’s startup scene I could chug this entire bottle of charcuterie-IPA,” said another. A third chimed in, “How cool would it be if the mayor was here to see all this coming together.” Then, lo and behold, Mayor Manheimer arrived to offer rousing closing remarks and reveal the winners.

In truth, all who participated were winners. Lives were changed this past weekend. Career trajectories were dynamically shifted. Those who were part of Hatch This were different people on Monday than they were on Friday. Better. Bigger. And the biggest beneficiary of all is our city because local high-growth entrepreneurship is on the march.

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