Building a city’s startup culture is a team sport. It takes tenacious entrepreneurs, skilled talent, seasoned mentors, and risk-minded investors willing to put their capital on the line to advance early-stage ventures.

So we’re thrilled to welcome 13 more entrepreneurs into our Elevate entrepreneurship program to mentor and guide them on their path toward becoming high-growth companies. The companies are:

  • ecobot – Building revolutionary software that changes how humanity interacts with the environment.
  • Mandala Naturals – Meticulously handcraft raw chocolate bars containing the most powerful super-herbs in the world.
  • Haka Athletic – A sports equipment brand currently focused on the soccer market producing carbon fiber shin guards.
  • Elite HRV – Providing personalized advanced biomarker assessments to help consumers and businesses optimize health and performance. With specific expertise in physical and mental stress management.
  • WatchPitch – A business platform and app for entrepreneurs and investors to maximize deal flow efficiencies.
  • Craftpeak – Developing software and powerful online business platforms to help breweries sell more beer, at higher margins, to a larger audience of passionate supporters.
  • The Bright Angle – Embracing craft and technology to bring small-batch handmade goods to fruition through maker-designer collaboration.
  • Poppy – Handcrafted popcorn made with simple, natural ingredients to create delicious flavors.
  • AtBay – A mindful iPhone charging station that trains you to get off your phone at night. When you put your phone in the charging dock, you’re rewarded with a relaxing light that mimics candlelight. The light increases your body’s natural melatonin production and automatically turns off when it’s time for bed.
  • HEALTHeWeather – A platform-as-a-service (PAAS) software company delivering personalized weather insights for better patient health.
  • Gingers Revenge – A craft brewery and tasting room specializing in alcoholic ginger beers.
  • Postre Caramel – A craft caramel company focused on producing delicious, organic caramel chews and caramel sauces.
  • Blueprint Summer Programs – Personal, innovative and fun pre-college summer programs that help you get ready for college – today.

Our Elevate program is vital to Venture Asheville’s mission to transform our city into a hub for fast-growing companies that create high-salary jobs. With these 13 ventures, Elevate now expands to 27 companies that are injecting dynamism and greater opportunity into Asheville’s economy.