timStartup founders are in a constant race against time. Getting to market, attracting customers, growing revenue, and innovating ahead of the competition are integral to success. Often external funding is needed to build and grow the business, but entrepreneurs frequently waste valuable time chasing funding sources that aren’t a good fit.

So, what funding options are available, and which funding sources are the best fit for your startup? Tim Montgomery, Director at Redwood Valuation Partners, wants to help you save time and get that $$$.

Co-presented by The Collider and Venture Asheville, Tim will deliver his Capital Options Workshop where he’ll discuss funding sources and which specific sources are most likely to fund your startup, company characteristics each source finds attractive, and the effects of preferred financing (venture capital, private equity, and angel groups) terms on founder payouts. He’ll even talk about Silicon Valley’s Dirty Secret (pssst, stock options) and how you can use it to attract talent.

Capital Options Workshop
DATE: Thursday, April 20 from 12-1:30 pm at The Collider. Reserve your spot via email.