Singling out U.S. cities with a strong foundation to create your next startup, Small Business Trends ranked Asheville alongside startup hubs NYC, Boulder and Austin. Why AVL you ask? 

“It may seem unlikely at first glance, but Asheville is becoming a nationally recognized name in terms of innovation and startups. Most of the attention is given to the city’s brewery culture. There are at least 20 different breweries in the city, making it a craft beer dream destination. And because beer is best served with food, there are dozens of restaurant startups in the vicinity, as well.

But it’s not just beer in Asheville. The city has a number of business accelerators and mentorship programs that have brought in seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders to coach promising ventures. While new age art, hippies, and a taste of southern charm will always define this deceptively quiet town, Asheville is quickly earning its stripes as an east coast startup hub.”

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As a testament to the ranking, here are 8 Asheville startups that launched in 2015.