Asheville Angels is a member-based angel investor network. We invest in and support startups and early-stage, high-growth companies in Asheville and across the Southeast. Founded in October of 2014, Asheville Angels currently consists of about 40 angel investors. Asheville Angels is not an investment fund, but rather, an angel investor network with members who make individual investment decisions after working together to evaluate candidate companies.

To date, Asheville Angels has invested over $1M in 20 ventures. Our angel investors possess a broad array of business experiences and skills that they utilize in helping to screen and evaluate potential portfolio companies.


  • Access to high-quality deal flow
  • Strong due diligence process via professional team and member expertise
  • Favorable deal terms due to collective investment size
  • Professionally managed accounting, legal and deal structuring
  • Right to make an individual investment decision on every deal
  • Access to angel investor education
  • Opportunity to drive economic growth in our community


Asheville Angels considers investments across numerous industries. More important than the industry is the caliber of the team, the company’s traction, and a host of other factors listed here:

  • Startup or early-stage venture located in Asheville or the Southeast
  • Strong team of passionate entrepreneurs with relevant industry experience
  • Demonstrated market validation
  • Compelling solution to needs in a large, expanding market
  • Scalable and efficient business model
  • Anticipated revenues of $20M within 5 years
  • Differentiated value proposition
  • Defensible competitive advantage
  • Clearly articulated use of funds plan and exit strategy
  • Seeking to raise between $150K and $1M
  • Willing to offer 20%-30% equity position on a post-money basis
  • Expect to create a liquidity event that can provide investors with 50%+ rate of return


Regular monthly meetings for members of Asheville Angels are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Meetings typically include presentations from one or two candidate companies and due diligence reports or updates on companies that have previously presented.  We also include time for member education and networking.


Asheville Angels is currently accepting new members. To qualify for membership, you must:

  • Be an accredited investor per SEC rules, which in its simplest definition requires a net worth of $1 million or annual income over $200K
  • Complete a membership application
  • Pay annual membership dues of $2500
  • Be willing to share your expertise and participate in evaluating deals from time to time


Asheville Angels is the angel investor network of Venture Asheville and is managed by Venture Asheville’s Director Josh Dorfman.

For Interested Investors: Please contact Josh via email or call (828) 258-6137.

For Startups Raising Capital: please email Josh your pitch deck including the amount you’re raising and pre-money valuation.





Plum Print takes the overwhelming piles of artwork young children bring home and transforms them into custom coffee table books and digital archives.

BrightField offers EV charging solutions for commercial, workplace and municipal properties that are custom brandable, solar-integrated, and equipped with a selection of industry leading EV chargers.

Babies is a provider of newborn screening technologies that develops new technology and new tests for diseases and conditions in newborn babies.

ActivEd provides an innovative movement based platform for classrooms that accelerates learning while improving health.

RivalHealth is a fitness-based corporate wellness platform that captivates employees with daily exercise and nutrition coaching.

PharmRight is the developer of Livi™, a highly advanced, dependable and remarkably easy-to-use home medication dispenser.

Atlas Organics composts food waste from businesses, hospitals, and school districts and provides the resulting fertilizer to farmers and landscapers.

Emrgy enables customers to generate electricity from water flows previously considered too small or too slow for power purposes via its micro and small hydrokinetic turbines.


TARGET PharmaSolutions is a clinical information company that provides a more efficient solution for fulfilling post-marketing commitments than traditional Phase 4 trials.


Sensory Analytics develops advanced coating film measurement solutions and process control applications for manufacturers.