ERC Broadband, the unsung hero of Western North Carolina, builds and manages the digital broadband infrastructure throughout our region. Why does The Collider have gig fiber? ERCB, yo! Why does Hatch have gig fiber? ERCB, yo!

It was so entirely well-deserved when Hunter Goosman was on hand at the North Carolina Technology Association Awards in Durham on November 9 to accept the prestigious statewide award for a technology organization making an outsized Corporate Impact. As Hunter said, “This is a wonderful affirmation of the role the ERC team plays in communities across western North Carolina.”

Here’s the dealio. Asheville is rarely represented on stage at the NCTA awards. See that packed room of technologists behind Hunter? They’re not from Asheville. This year Asheville-based Cloud for Good and Mission Health were also finalists for NCTA awards in their respective categories. This is the march of progress. Onward!